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Licensed clinical social worker treating anxiety, depression and trauma in New York and Rhode Island

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Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do – Brene Brown

Individual Therapy and Clinical Supervision

  • Professional, Compassionate, warm and caring therapist

  • Bringing quality care to New Yorkers and Rhode Islanders

  • Fully tele-health (online sessions) using a secure videoconferencing platform

  • Evening weekday appointments available

Hello and welcome

I provide high-quality therapy services using evidence-based, well-researched interventions tailored creatively to your individual needs. I provide online/ virtual sessions where you can securely connect to me from your own space.

I currently see many different types of people in my practice. You deserve to find a therapist that is a good fit for you. My various specialties include: college age students, survivors of sexual assault, abuse or domestic violence, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem/body image struggles. I am committed to LGBTQ+ equality and affirm, honor, and celebrate all expressions of gender identity and sexuality. I am a Health At Every Size (HAES) aligned therapist that celebrates and affirms all body shapes and sizes.

I am a seasoned, experienced therapist, dedicated to helping my clients toward their goals. My current clients see me as someone who is caring, authentic, calm, empathic and someone who truly cares and goes the extra mile. I am approachable and easy to talk to. I work hard to create a safe, trusting space where you can share freely.

I am a licensed clinical social worker in both NY and RI and I am able to see anyone within those state lines. This is a plus for those who live in both states-such as college students traveling back and forth from school to home. Telehealth has been transformative in expanding access and ease of treatment; however, a barrier to consistent care in the age of telehealth has been that one cannot be seen by their therapist if they are outside of state lines where that therapist is licensed, leading to many college students to experience disruptions in their care. I see many college students all year round, to support them through both school and home stressors and challenges, due to the benefit of dual licensure in NY and RI.

About me

I am a licensed clinical social worker in both NY and RI with over 13 years of experience in a variety of professional settings.

Services and Specialties

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Creative Arts Therapies

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Traditional talk-therapies based in psychodynamic theories

I also integrate a lot of mindfulness and relaxation skills. We will work together to find the right modality for you, and we will do what works for you. I am a down-to-earth therapist with a toolbox full of skills and techniques to help you feel hope, approach life struggles skillfully, and feel like there are less obstacles in your way toward living the life you want. I want to help you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of your own life.

Things I value as a therapist

  • Confidentiality
  • Non-judgment
  • Authenticity: Me being myself and you being yourself.
  • Informed consent: You always have a right to know exactly what to expect from me, and that you always have a right to decide if you want to continue.
  • Transparency: I am very up front, open and clear about my expectations, policies, styles, what to expect and encourage lots of questions about the therapy process.
  • Your autonomy, self-determination and expertise in your own life.
  • All the parts of you, all the experiences, all the hardships and obstacles and all your strengths, that brought you to this place.
  • Dismantling unjust structures such as white supremacy and the patriarchy.
  • Believing my clients.
  • Seeing a person within their environment. Many things society pathologizes as personal failings or problems, are really unjust structures in our society that make it hard for you to thrive.

You are not alone. Help and hope are available.

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