College Students

I currently work full-time at a University Counseling Center and enjoy and look forward to my evening private practice and working with a wide variety of clients in this way. Because of my experience in university settings, I am uniquely equipped to help college students through their journey in college, as I am familiar with options, policies, services and support available to students, as well as the unique challenges and excitements of college.

Working full-time for many years in university counseling centers, I know first-hand the limitations that might have led to a less-than-optimal experience for you there, that are leading you to look outside of your university services such as the session limits, wait times, limits of types of struggles they can see, infrequency of services, turnover of staff etc.

While I love my job, and have helped many students through their time at college, I acknowledge the many ways that university counseling services are failing to meet the needs of many of today’s students. Data shows that more and more students are coming to college with a history of therapy, history of receiving a diagnosis, hospitalizations and taking medication. You are not alone and you CAN thrive in college with the right supports and mental health treatment. While I am passionate about working for change to make University services more equitable and just within my university, I feel passionately about providing you in my private-practice with the support that you need to thrive at the college of your choice.

College in 2023 is really hard. You have been through so much in your lifetimes already, and many people don’t get just how much you’ve had to face, and just how strong you are.  I am in awe and so inspired by “Generation Z” and look forward to getting to know you and your unique strengths, and your powerful story.

You are not alone. Help and hope are available.

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